You Can Change!

RAPt has helped many individuals overcome their addictions , but dont take our word for it, read below some real comments from the people we have helped.

“I started drinking at about the age of 14, like most teenagers on the local playing fields and park on a weekend. At the age of about 17 I started going to pubs with my mates once on a weekend and this lead up to drinking all weekend. This carried on until I was 22, at which time I found myself married. My marriage lasted 7 years resulting in me becoming a father to 2 sons.

Throughout those 7 years drink had become a problem to me. Even though I was only binge drinking it caused me no end of problems, resulting in my separation from not only my wife but my 2 sons. I still had regular contact with my sons, but if I’m being honest I let them down many times, putting alcohol first. I began drinking a lot more when I went out, never knowing when to stop. When I started it resulted in many visits to various courts; leading up to several prison sentences. The latest has been this one – my biggest sentence to date of 4 ½ years for wounding with intent.

I’ve always known I had a problem with alcohol, but never managed to do anything about it until now. I volunteered for and have now completed the RAPt alcohol course. At the start of the course I was in denial about my drinking saying I was only a binge drinker. As the course went on I realised just how much drinking had cost me.

Even though it was difficult at times, I really opened up about my past issues. The staff who run the course helped me no end as did the rest of the lads on the course.

Now I have done the RAPt programme it has made me determined to make a better life for myself and for my family upon my release. Since the course ended I am having regular contact with my ex and my sons who are all really pleased I’ve addressed my problems with alcohol.

Finally I’d recommend anyone with issues with drinking to give the RAPt programme a go, because without it I wouldn’t be in the frame of mind I am today, looking forward to a happy family life without alcohol. For that I’d like to thank everyone involved with the RAPt programme.”

AM, RAPt ADTP, 2010