“Everything’s changed since I got involved with RAPt…I feel positive and hopeful for my future” – Part 2


Dean Cussons – 1 year on

Hello. My name’s Dean and I’m an addict.

I wrote a blog for RAPt last year. I wanted to write another one, to reflect on how much my life has changed since being introduced to RAPt.

Since I wrote the blog last year, I have spent four weeks at a detox centre in Bradford. From there, I spent six months at The Bridges (RAPt’s residential rehab for drug and alcohol addiction) in my home town of Hull. Doing the detox wasn’t easy. It absolutely smashed me apart, particularly the withdrawals. But I kept in a positive frame of mind, going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Seeing ex-clients from The Bridges there who were doing well and had a lot of clean time since they stopped using drugs gave me hope.

At The Bridges, I was given a focal counsellor and was welcomed by the other guys in treatment. Then the therapy began, which at first I found very hard to understand. It was very hard to get to grips with my past and start getting honest, but I had no other option as I wanted to make a change in my life. It was hard and took time, but I became more honest and open-minded to change. They helped me see my part in my addiction, why I’d harmed nearly everybody in my life, hurting their feelings or taking their material possessions. I was able to look at my patterns of behaviour and why they had caused so much destruction.

As part of the programme, I was able to make amends to my family and others, which helped me immensely. The day I graduated from the programme was amazing – lots of my new friends from Narcotics Anonymous came, as did my parents. It was an amazing day.

I left the Bridges on the 11th December 2014. My life has now gone full-circle. I’ve been abstinent from all drugs for over a year. I’ve got a new way of thinking and a lot of people back in my life.

Every day, I carry the message of hope to other suffering addicts. I do what I can to be of service to my family and the community around me, doing the next right thing. If RAPt hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’m so very grateful to the RAPt team, and the 12-Steps.

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