Lee Dixon, a RAPt graduate, wrote about his experiences at the 2015 Hull Graduate Reunion

Lee Dixon, a RAPt graduate and former client of The Bridges, wrote about his experiences on the day.


“The first thing that really struck me was the venue because I thought it was really significant – The Freedom Centre. The second thing that sprang to mind was the title – The Time is Now. What a perfect place to have an event celebrating recovery, and what a great thing to call it – because for me, freedom in the moment is recovery. I found the whole event very positive. Recovery helped me put a better perspective on reality, life and death, and the reunion really reaffirmed that; there was a lot of hope, happiness, love and compassion. I also realised that if it wasn’t for RAPt and the dedicated people who work for them who are passionate about recovery, a lot of the people in the room wouldn’t be here, myself included. It was wonderful to be a part of the day. Looking around and seeing the joy on so many people’s faces, as opposed to the pain we all know too well in addiction – for me, I can only describe it as seeing lots of mini miracles right in front of me. It really is amazing to see the programme working in the lives of so many people. I also enjoyed the three powerful main shares: Paul, Dave and Dean. It was great to hear the open mike session as well, where people took to the microphone to share their own experience, including the newcomers, those that have been around a while and those who have been around a bit longer.I have experienced a reunion before in London and I always get excited when we get to the clean time count down, because the greatest message we can pass on is being clean. It reminds me of my early stages in recovery, when all I wanted to know was how to get clean and stay clean. One of the things I enjoyed the most came when we broke for lunch. This gave me the opportunity to chat with lots of the others there and really interact with people. I got a few pictures taken as well, which I thought was quite nice! I also had the good fortune to win three raffle prizes, winning a wonderful RAPt mug, a RAPt cap, a t-shirt and a key ring holder – a first for me!

It was so good to see so many people enjoying their recovery. The memory and the experience of the day will be with me for a very long time and I’m looking forward to many more. The whole event was well planned, organised and executed. I would like to thank all those from RAPt and all the staff here at The Bridges for making such a wonderful event possible. I also want to wish everyone who attended happiness for themselves and their loved ones, and for them to stay well and strong in their recovery.

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