A Review of RAPt’s 18 mile Recovery Trek

On Saturday 10th August 2013, RAPt organised the inaugural Recovery Trek. Starting at HMP Everthorpe near Brough, and finishing 18 miles later at The Bridges (RAPt’s residential treatment unit in Hull) the event was a chance to come together and to celebrate recovery. Here are a few accounts from some of the people who took part:

Andy O, Graduate from HMP Everthorpe and The Bridges:

The walk was as a reflection of recovery itself. The journey was full of sometimes difficult terrain, and beautiful views. There were times when I was surrounded by people, and others when I seemed to be alone. There were checkpoints, and meeting places where faces from my past and present would appear and offer support in the way of food, drink and company. Towards the end of the walk, tiredness was kicking in but with perseverance and determination we arrived and were greeted in style with a barbecue which was very welcome. All in all a good day on the recovery journey.

Micky, RAPt Client:

I woke up not feeling too good. I had said I was going to do the walk from Everthorpe Prison to the Bridges on Holderness Rd.

We all met in the car park at Everthorpe. I saw a multitude of faces I knew from AA/NA meetings, and some I had never seen before.

Everyone now was laughing and joking. We took some photos and Dougie said “let’s start”.

We set off down the road. As we walked, the talk was of recovery, RAPT, clean times and general chit-chat. The scenery was gorgeous – from little secluded country houses, to whole villages and the bustle of life.

The feeling of togetherness was strong.

I was lagging behind the main party but never alone, as someone was always willing to slow down and drop back, the conversation never drying up.

We walked up hills and down steep muddy tracks. The walk was for recovery and I’m glad and proud I took part.

Andrew, Counsellor, The Bridges:

I have worked for RAPt for over three years and been in addiction treatment for over ten. My journey of recovery has taught me that life is full of changes.

I love walking, and don’t get to do it as much as I wish. I enjoyed this walk for many reasons, including the sights, sounds, and smells along the way. But as much as we were surrounded by all this history and beauty, some of my favourite parts of the journey were talking to different people. Some I knew and some I felt I built a quick rapport with – discussing the importance of recovery, and putting the world to rights on a few occasions too!

Overall it was a fun day and I enjoyed the challenge. The walk reflected for me, once again, the good work that RAPt is doing, and that recovery changes lives.

Charlie, Senior Counsellor, HMP Everthorpe:

Waking at 6am, that late night now doesn’t seem such a good idea.

I got dressed in the dark so as not to disturb my snoring boyfriend. The realisation of my recent inactiveness became apparent as the short walk to the shop for pack up seemed enormous. I still laugh at the look on Justin’s face in the car as we neared Everthorpe – yes it’s a very long way!

6 miles in, the hills were getting bigger, and my knee was starting to burn on the descents. As ever, my pride and stubbornness took over and kept me going. To give up was never an option; how could I when it would let others (and more importantly myself) down?

The last few miles felt like an eternity but we pushed on together and even managed to laugh.

Despite the pain I can honestly say I enjoyed every mile. Catching up with old faces and meeting new ones it was a pleasure to be part of, and I spent time with some inspiring people.

Personal growth comes from pushing beyond your comfort zone and ploughing on when it’s tough. I know we all grew that day.

Bring on the next challenge!

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