Bobbie Goulding at Recovery is a Reality

“Pick up the phone. Get help for your addiction now” says rugby star Bobbie Goulding

Last Friday, 26th April, Hull City Hall was alive and buzzing with inspiration, courage and ambition. Add to this a healthy dose of filthy recovery jokes, some intense classical music, and an outstanding line-up of speakers and you should get a pretty good idea of what it was like to be at Recovery is a Reality. The event was set up to encourage local communities, companies and services in the City to support Recovery is a Reality – a campaign that seeks to empower more people with drug and alcohol problems to get help and achieve recovery.

RAPt volunteers and staff, many of them graduates of a RAPt drug or alcohol programme, attended the event to promote our services in the North. These include: The Bridges in Hull, a residential treatment facility for men, Hull Alcohol Recovery Treatment (a community day programme), as well as prison based drug and alcohol programmes at HMP Everthorpe.

We were joined on the day by the legendary Bobbie Goulding, former Wigan, St Helen’s and Great Britain rugby star. Bobbie is ten months sober and his support and enthusiasm for the recovery process was an inspiration to every person at the event.

Bobbie Goulding gave a moving speech to the audience, saying: “I had to change for me, before anybody else. If you don’t want to change for you, it’ll be a half-hearted effort”.

Speaking exclusively to RAPt before he addressed the audience, Bobbie said, “The reason I am at the event today is because I’ve been given support for this illness through Sporting Chance, started by Tony Adams, to help sports men and women. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible that the help is out there if you look for it – but there’s a lot more that still needs to be done. The process involves people looking inside themselves, acknowledging they have a problem, and facing up to the shame and embarrassment in order to get the help they need.”

For anyone reading this blog that may be personally caught in the grip of addiction, Bobbie has a direct message for you:

“If you’ve got problems, the first thing you need to do is pick up the phone, go down to your local AA or NA or one of the other services near you, and get help. It’s got to start with you. There is a lot of help, including fantastic organisations like RAPt, and it’s out there for YOU”

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