2nd Stage

For individuals who have completed abstinence-based treatment whilst in custody and have remained abstinent and connected to the recovery community. In addition to engaging in a full-time treatment programme, 2nd Stage treatment includes a comprehensive resettlement programme, to support individuals with housing, education, training and employment.



2nd Stage includes:

• A full time programme of group work including workshops on addiction, recovery and related topics, group therapy, daily client-led meditation, weekly client-led goals group, 12-Step lectures and study group, individual assignment groups and a weekly community meeting.
• One-to-one counselling sessions focused around the client’s individual treatment plan (amount and frequency dependent on individual needs).
• Access to 12-Step fellowship meetings in the community.
• Support with financial/legal issues, tenancy management, budgeting, nutrition, education/vocational, housing and resettlement needs (both in-house and via links with specialised external agencies).
• Monthly progress reporting to care managers, funders, probation officers and regular multi-agency review meetings.
• Accommodation in a one bedroom, self-contained flat attached to the main site with support to live independently.
• Client ‘meet and greet’ service- new admissions can be met directly from at the prison gates and brought safely to the Bridges.
• Regular group outings and social activities.
• Access to GP, dentists, opticians and other health services.
• Access to local gym.
• 24/7 staff cover including on-call counsellor support.


2nd Stage treatment is priced at £550 per week for up to 12 weeks.